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I. Cheese in the Scumm Bar

Ignatius Cheese is a navigator and the owner of the Scumm Bar, a famous establishment on Mêlée Island. Working under him are the Chef and a Horribly Scarred Barkeep. He claims to have won the bar from a guy named Ron. The reputation of the Scumm Bar has naturally led it, by the time of the fourth game, to be a target for Ozzie Mandrill, whom Cheese has apparently managed to fend off in the sport of Insult Arm Wrestling. This is also the sport in which Guybrush must beat him in order to convince him to join his crew.

During their trip to Lucre Island Ozzie finally manages to take ownership of the Scumm Bar and converts it into to the trendy Lua Bar. Cheese himself does not appear again after Act II of the game.

The Family Cheese

The following people are known to be related to Ignatius:

  • Blue Cheese – Ignatius's brother, he writes depressing country music.
  • Jack Cheese – Ignatius's uncle who revolutionised the carriage trade.
  • Swiss Cheese – Ignatius's great-uncle who remained neutral in all conflicts.
  • Gorgon Zola Cheese – Ignatius's great-great-great-aunt, famous for being so ugly that men would turn to stone at the very sight of her.

Game appearances

Voiced by

Memorable dialogue

Guybrush: "So your name's Cheese?"
I. Cheese: "Aye."
Guybrush: "Cheese?"
I. Cheese: "Aye."