The First Church of LeChuck

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The Church viewed from outside

The First Church of LeChuck was built by the ghost priest Allegro Rasputin prior to the events of Escape from Monkey Island. It is located on the side of the volcano of Monkey Island. With a design vaguely similar to that of a Gothic cathedral, the church is intended for the worship of LeChuck, who killed Rasputin and made him a ghost.

As an odd bit of architecture, a river of lava flows through the church. Sharp-tipped boats made of wood, oddly enough (but apparently covered by StanTech Voodoo-Enhanced Asbestos), sail through and are intended to be used during weddings. The couple rides down the river of lava, dies and is resurrected as ghosts. This mechanism seems similar to the one used on the Rollercoaster of Death. However, riding the lava ride is integral to solving a number of puzzles. Guybrush convinces Allegro to allow him to "test drive" the boats for him.

The main foyer


  • The stained-glass windows at the back of the church depict all three forms of LeChuck as well as Elaine Marley.
  • A pair of stained-glass windows on the front of the church are intended to be shaped like eyes. Coupled with the design of the doorway it gives the front of the church the image of a skull.
  • If the player looks at the church Guybrush will say "I have the Power of Gray Monkey!" in a faux deep manly voice. This is a reference to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline. The phrase is parodying He-Man's catchphrases "I have the Power" and "By the Power of Grayskull". This is a play on the fact that the church bares a passing resemblance to Castle Grayskull.
  • Looking over the Word of LeChuck Guybrush will comment: "That must be the most unholiest of bibles."