Hook Island

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Meathook's house as it appears in Escape from Monkey Island

Hook Island is a small island of the northeast coast of Mêlée Island, and is the home of Meathook.

In The Secret of Monkey Island the island is only attached to Mêlée by a cable, which Guybrush can use as a zipwire using a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. Meathook lives alone on the island tending a smaller version of the monster that removed both his hands (a parrot).

After Meathook escapes from Monkey Island, he returns home and eventually has a bridge built connecting Hook and Mêlée Islands (to Guybrush's disappointment). In Escape from Monkey Island, however, he will initially not let anyone in for fear of losing his property to Ozzie Mandrill. He has turned his home into Meathook's House of Wax after discovering that he can paint with melted wax on his hooks, and has sold several works across the island.

In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge it is possible to win a ticket for a trip to Hook Island in the alleys on Phatt Island, but it is a useless item.