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Freddie is a maker of walking sticks and owns the House o' Sticks on Lucre Island. Guybrush can ask advice on getting a walking stick, but no matter what his needs Freddie always suggests the Veeblefester9000 RainForest Deluxe.

Freddie's business isn't particularly lucrative, although he says it puts food on the table. However, he says that if Ozzie Mandrill, who uses a WD-32, were to ever pay off his tab, then Freddie would be able to retire.

He was once almost mugged by Pegnose Pete while out testing the WD-32. He raised the cane to hit Pete, who was frightened away by the duck engraved on the cane's handle.

Memorable Dialogue

Freddie: If I wasn't a peaceable sort, I'd have a mind to whack that gentleman upside the head with one of my walking sticks. And I wouldn't stop whacking, until his brains leaked all over my rustic, hand-polished, hardwood floor. A'yup.

Guybrush: But, you're the peaceable sort, right?

Freddie: A'yup.

Game appearances

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