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EMI elayne.PNG

Home Island Jambalaya Island
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Blonde

Elayne is a waitress who works in Planet Threepwood on Jambalaya Island. She plays the part of Elaine Marley for her job.

It's hinted that she is having an affair with Judge Edd (he's married). Guybrush finds a leaflet of her posing cosily with the judge and he originally thinks she is his wife—however, Edd states his wife has red hair whereas Elayne is blonde. When Guybrush asks Elayne about it, she becomes very defensive when she insists it isn't her in the picture. Guybrush later uses the pamphlet to blackmail the judge into giving him a fair competition against Marco de Pollo.

She tells the real Guybrush Threepwood about all the myths surrounding him on which the restaurant is based, including that he is a giant fearsome pirate with a demonic parrot and telling Guybrush the name of his parents.

Game appearances

Voiced by